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THEOPHILUS Einstecktuch mit Blumenmuster

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THEOPHILUS Einstecktuch mit Blumenmuster

Material: Baumwolle
Artikellänge: 23 cm (9 Zoll)
Artikelbreite: 22 cm (8,6 Zoll)

Passende Fliege


Passende Krawatte

Blumen-Baumwoll-Einstecktuch, ideal für Hochzeiten und Veranstaltungen. Tolles Jubiläumsgeschenk und Geschenk. Auch ein tolles Geschenk für den Bräutigam und seine Trauzeugen, um es bei der Hochzeit zu tragen, und vergessen Sie nicht den Vater der Braut. Blumentaschentuch ideal für:

  • Abschlussball
  • Abendessen
  • Vorstellungsgespräche
  • Fotoshootings
  • Fotosessions
  • Termine
  • Fluchten
  • Hochzeits-Shootings
  • Engagement-Shootings

Verleihen Sie Ihrer Abendgarderobe mit diesem geblümten Einstecktuch einen Hauch von Kunstfertigkeit. Dieses einzigartige Einstecktuch ist mit einem wunderschönen schwarzen Ölgemälde verziert. Das exquisite Design verleiht einen Hauch von Stil und Eleganz. Perfekt für Trauzeugen, Hochzeiten oder formelle Anlässe, dieses Einstecktuch ist ein unverzichtbares Accessoire.

THEOPHILUS Einstecktuch mit Blumenmuster und Einstecktuch mit Blumenmuster. Einstecktuch Einstecktuch faltbar schwarz grau grau terrakotta rot orange quadratisch Blume corbata de flores Seide Baumwolle paisley bordeaux Ölmalerei Blumendruck Blumendruck Anzug Blazer Einstecktuch Herren Krawatten pa ñuelos de Flores para

Einstecktücher Blumen Einstecktücher für Hochzeiten Trockenblumen Hochzeitsbilder Blumentaschentuch


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How to Fold Pocket Square

A pocket square is a small piece of fabric that can be placed in the breast pocket of a suit or jacket. It is a simple yet stylish accessory that can add a touch of elegance to any formal outfit, particularly when worn at a wedding.

There are many reasons why pocket squares look good for a wedding. First and foremost, pocket squares add a pop of color to a suit or tuxedo, which can help to create a cohesive look for the groom and his groomsmen. Pocket squares are also a great way to inject some personality into a formal outfit, as they come in a wide range of patterns, textures, and colors. This allows the groom and his groomsmen to choose pocket squares that reflect their individual styles and tastes.

In addition to adding color and personality to a formal outfit, pocket squares can also help to create a polished and put-together look. When paired with a well-fitted suit or tuxedo, a pocket square can give the impression of attention to detail and impeccable grooming. This can be especially important for the groom, who wants to look his best on his wedding day.

Another reason why pocket squares look good for a wedding is that they are a subtle and sophisticated way to add some flair to an otherwise traditional outfit. While a pocket square is not as bold or flashy as a boutonnière or a lapel pin, it still adds a touch of whimsy and whimsy to an otherwise formal look. This can help the groom and his groomsmen stand out in a sea of black tuxedos and suits.

Overall, pocket squares are a simple yet stylish accessory that can add a touch of elegance and personality to a formal outfit, making them an excellent choice for a wedding. Whether you choose a classic white silk pocket square or a bold and colorful pattern, a pocket square is sure to elevate your wedding day look

Customer Reviews

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Victoria Cummerata
11/10. Great quality, beautiful fabric.

11/10. Great quality, beautiful fabric.

Patricia Feest
Just beautiful with matching ties! Quick...

Just beautiful with matching ties! Quick delivery…

Add a touch of elegance to your look with this Pocket Square. Made with high-quality fabric, as a result this pocket square is perfect for any formal occasion.

The beautiful floral design is sure to make you stand out from the crowd, and whether you're attending a wedding, a job interview, or a fancy dinner party, this pocket square will help you look your best.

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great gift for the groom and his groomsmen to wear at the wedding, and don’t forget the Father of the bride
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